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Application Development Outsourcing

Our suite of Application Development outsourcing service offerings includes:

  • Product development
  • Customized development
  • New application development
  • Rapid application development

Custom Packages

In the fast changing global markets, organizations strive to achieve the state of zero latency in the flow of information, and have lower response times to be able to make innovative offerings to the market. Packaged Applications are a pre-requisite to newer business initiatives and strategies. Adept leverages its experience across domains and technology platforms to deliver faster returns on investment for its clients.

Adept's Packaged application portfolio includes the entire gamut of services right from package evaluation, selection, implementation, post-implementation support and development, version upgrades and Master Data Management services. Our proven methodologies and domain expertise reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of the package for your enterprise.

Adept has developed deep expertise in leading Packaged ERP applications, including SAP, Oracle, Baan, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. Adept has deep expertise in related solution areas such as Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Integration, and Business Intelligence. Adept's experience in implementation and post-implementation support spans across a wide range of vertical industry sectors – from Food and Beverages, Automobiles, Transportation to Electronic and Consumer goods.


While ERP systems have delivered proven value in streamlining enterprise processes, organizations face the associated immense challenges of support, upgrades, integration, change management, and controlling cost and schedule overruns. For most global companies, speed of ERP implementation coupled with a worldwide rollout delivery capability is critical for maximizing the ROI from ERP investments.

We have helped many global companies successfully implement large, complex ERP systems effectively through our end-to-end services portfolio. Our extensive experience in ERP implementation and extending ERP functionality has helped us develop capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental enhancement with built-in modularity. As a result, our clients have access to real-time business information that is intelligible and useful, across the enterprise.

Our ERP implementation methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making. Adept's ERP implementation solutions also seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies, to increase the value of IT investments, and enhance productivity and profitability.

Adept's partnerships with leading application vendors give enterprise clients access to expertise that builds competitive advantage quickly. Our core ERP implementation practices include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft. We offer expertise across functional boundaries including Finance, Sales and Distribution, Human Resources, and Costing. We work with clients from diverse vertical industry sectors, including:

  • Engineer-to-Order (ETO) and Manufacture-to-Order (MTO)
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Batch/Continuous Process
  • Consumer Goods
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Transportation
  • Insurance

Our expertise includes both packaged suite implementation and the integration of diverse and distributed application portfolios - within and across the extended enterprise. We support customers across the entire range of the application life cycle, from package evaluation through implementation, to post-implementation support.

Enterprise Application Integration

To keep up with the fast pace of business and escalating customer demands, organizations must have the agility to respond quickly to change. However, doing so requires an enterprise architecture that allows information to flow seamlessly between departments and across geographies. That's easier said than done in most companies, where information "silos" caused by legacy applications and a diverse IT architecture prevent smooth information flow.

Adept's Enterprise Application Integration practice provides a structured information processing and delivery framework that has helped leading global organizations break down information barriers across the enterprise. Our comprehensive suite of Enterprise Application Integration and B2B integration services delivers an end-to-end solution that addresses the four critical elements of business operations: business, people, process and IT.

Our Enterprise Application Integration and B2B integration solutions are designed to deliver measurable results and rapid ROI, and strike the right balance between business and IT needs. Using an end-to-end, Modeled-to-Measure™ approach that customizes our Enterprise Integration solutions, we have helped many companies build integrated business practices that span organizations, people, systems and applications. The Modeled-to-Measure™ methodology makes it easy to propagate standard business procedures and information across an organization's value chain, to better leverage the value of Enterprise Application Integration investments.

Adept offers Enterprise Integration solutions in three areas:

  • Enterprise application integration (intra-enterprise)
  • B2B and B2C integration
  • Legacy integration

Enterprise application integration projects can be extremely challenging. We have established an impressive track record of delivering proven integration and e-business services. Our integration technology expertise includes middleware products, applications and tools, and is complemented by in-depth knowledge of ERP, SCM, CRM, SRM, data warehousing and e-commerce.

In addition, Adept has forged strategic partnerships and alliances with leading application and technology vendors including IBM, Oracle, SAP, webMethods and Sun, further strengthening our integration expertise. All together, we put our exceptional expertise, alliances and methodologies to work for clients, delivering comprehensive integration solutions tailored to meet business-specific goals.

Enginnering Services

Our Engineering Services span major requirements of the engineering industry including:

  • CAD / CAM/ CAE & PLM: Design through Analysis through Product Data Management.Adept has executed several projects in the CAD / CAM / CAE and PLM domain for companies in diverse sectors.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Needs Assessment through Application Development through Support and Maintenance
  • Data Services: Scanning and Indexing through Content Management

Globalization brings new opportunities for the engineering industry – and new challenges. The opportunity to deliver superior products to a worldwide marketplace is balanced with pressures including:

  • Handling support requirements for new product designs or routine product design services
  • Rolling out critical product design changes
  • Extracting business-critical information
  • Timely inclusion of new datasets into existing mapping systems upgrading existing systems to match new versions
  • Data migration
  • Application maintenance

CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM / GIS services

Adept provides proven, high quality services on leading CAD / CAM/ CAE and PLM applications.Adept's Engineering Services address a broad array of needs in the areas of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM, GIS and Data Services. Our fully equipped infrastructure and metrics-driven project management methodologies can help you take advantage of the opportunities in today's challenging global marketplace by allowing your organization to focus on core competencies.

For example, a number of global clients depend on us for timely turnaround of design data for new product development as well as engineering analysis. To date, we have delivered over five million tax parcels for various counties and municipalities in the US; our unique combination of global resource deployment has helped one of America's largest utilities reduce its GIS application maintenance by over 50 percent.

The Adept approach leverages our involvement in industry associations and utilizes best-of-breed practices. We have exhaustive processes to understand our clients' requirements and provide a solutions-oriented approach that provides multi-platform expertise across all leading platforms. Coupled with the latest tools and technologies in the CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM space, our domain expertise in Engineering Services can deliver swift, quantifiable benefits to your organization.

Application Management Services

In today's fast track IT environment, it is not unusual to believe that about 75-80 % of IT budgets are spent on Application management/ maintenance. Legacy systems are the operations and knowledge backbone of client organizations; they are non-negotiable and crucial to business survival. Market research estimates show that more than 70% of corporate data still resides on legacy systems. Hence the successful management of legacy systems to meet evolving business needs is the major challenge today. This can be achieved through a comprehensive application portfolio analysis of existing applications.

Adept is a recognized leader in the offshore industry with core competency in Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services on a Fixed Price SLA Model. Adept's suite of Application Management Services (AMS) is well supported by a robust Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) model that provides better flexibility, scalability and seamless integration options for our customers.

Adept's suite of Application Management Services include:

Application Portfolio Analysis Services to help decide the Retain-Extend-Retire (R-E-R) alignment of the application portfolio.Adept's Application Portfolio Analysis Services guide enterprises to assess the application portfolio and identify improvement opportunities. Our Application Portfolio Analysis approach ensures that decisions are made to align IT initiatives with business objectives.

Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO) Services to help keep 'Retain'ed application portfolios up and running. Adept's AMO service offering help reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the application through knowledge management, early offshore leverage and application betterment solutions.

Legacy Modernization and Transformation and Re-engineering Services providing a tool- based approach to help 'Extend' the application portfolio by increasing usability and value of the applications. Adept has a 'Center of Excellence' for Legacy Modernization. The Legacy Modernization Center of Excellence possesses expertise in executing projects on a variety of legacy platforms such as IBM mainframe and AS/400, Vax/VMS, HP 3000/MPE.

Application Migration Services providing proven methodology based services to help migrate applications to newer platforms and databases.

Specialized Solutions in Program Management, Verification & Validation, Process Consultancy - CMM and Six Sigma Process Consulting, and Application Integration.

eBusiness Solution

A little over a decade after the Web became mainstream technology, it has transformed the way companies do business. From procurement to payment processing, Web-based eBusiness solutions are creating new opportunities, streamlining processes and integrating operations. The right partner - one with proven expertise in extending business processes to the Web - can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings that can be attained from implementing eBusiness solutions

Adept's eBusiness solutions deliver measurable value, incorporating a broad range of technologies. We provide high-performance eBusiness Solutions and eCommerce solutions to help our clients provide the high levels of quality and service required for competitive differentiation. We have helped leading global corporations successfully launch eBusiness initiatives.

We build and implement end-to-end eBusiness solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications. For example, Adept's portfolio of successful eBusiness projects includes Web storefronts, eProcurement exchanges, eMarketplaces, enterprise information portals, integration with back-end applications, Web-enabling of legacy applications, and ERP systems integration and implementation.

Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including insurance, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, energy and utilities. Adept's comprehensive suite of eBusiness solutions includes:

  • Web Services solution and SOA consulting services
  • eBusiness strategy, architecture, and process automation
  • Web "front-ends" and Web-based applications development, including e-commerce applications
  • Web integration of the enterprise value chain
  • Enterprise Information Portal development
  • Web applications verification and validation services
  • Web application maintenance

Our eBusiness solution practice brings together expertise in middleware integration, application servers, portal development frameworks, and content management solutions, on the latest technology platforms such as Microsoft .NET and J2EE.

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