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Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)

Electronic Medical Records

Billing for a patient encounter is dependant on obtaining proper Authorization and Referral information. IMS Authorization and Referral Tracking ensure that every patient encounter is pre-validated so no encounter goes unbilled.


Record a patient's medical encounter as an electronic medical record - it's easy for physicians and won't compromise workflow. Physicians choose the method for record creation- from templates, dictation, transcription, or handwriting.

Full integration within IMS, including Scheduler, Check In / Out, Billing, Reminders, My Tasks, and many other modules to allow seamless information flow throughout the office.

Increase efficiency...

Full integration with other IMS modules supports efficient data sharing and avoids redundant data entry. Paper charts may not be available due to misfiling or use by other users, electronic medical records are always available and are accessible to multiple staff at one time. Physicians can save their normal tendencies to allow for rapid entry of thorough patient encounters. Patients can electronically enter complaints and history via Auto-Check-In.

Improve accuracy...

Enter test and lab results quickly, easily, and accurately to dramatically reduce the probability of error. Eliminate issues with illegible or unreadable text.

Improve patient care...

EMR linked with Auto-Reminder informs physicians of pending preventive care for patients. Physicians effectively review Patient´s previous visits with the Comparison feature. Overall, the IMS EMR can be used to track patient follow-up activity, patient compliance, and patient progress.


IMS EMR can only be accessed by authorized users. Unlike paper records, audit trails track access and usage of an electronic medical record. Auto-log-off prevents unauthorized access due to lengthy inactive sessions.

Increase Re-Imbursements...

IMS EMR accurately assists evaluation and management (E/M) for the highest charge code allowed by proper documentation. Physicians can easily document their encounters in detail using features such as pre-populated global templates, pre-populated normal values. Proper documentation leads to the generation of accurate and highest charge code. Thus, IMS EMR, with its well-designed E&M Coder leads to the increased Reimbursements!

Reduce costs...

Reallocate valuable space used to manage and store paper records for exam rooms or offices. Reduce time lost on chart pulls and spend it on patient care. And transcription can be reduced or even eliminated. Using an EMR may reduce malpractice insurance because of the improved documentation, audit trails, and accuracy.

Patient Visit Note


While it brings many features to the table, the strengths of SuiteMed's Visit Note are found in its easy, time-saving navigation. The methods by which a user can quickly navigate a patient's record and create documents are unlike any other system available.

SuiteMed's customizable visit notes and forms allow users of all technical levels to document visits using their preferred method. Providers are not forced to use the system in a way they are not comfortable with.

Some of you may prefer clicking customized choices to document your findings, while others may prefer to handwrite on an electronic form. Either way, your clinic will quickly achieve a centrally located record.

These various methods ensure the implementation of your system will not be slowed down because varying degrees of technical ability.