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Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)

Adept's EMR Advisory team recommending to choose Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) developed by SuiteMed provider of integrated medical software solutions supporting the primary process of healthcare delivery - solutions that connect physicians, patients, Labs, Pharmacies and long term care facilities.


One of the most versatile, full-featured, and customizable appointment schedulers on the market. Staff can manage workflow with great efficiency and effectively orchestrate the resources of multiple offices - or just one. Read more

Healthcare Portal

Built by physicians and pharmacists, the Healthcare Portal allows patients access to a personal healthcare homepage to view and update most information related to their current health record. It also allows patients to pre-register for doctor visits via a secure Internet interface. Read more

IVR Services

Decrease the burden on your staff and increase your revenues by reducing missed appointments! Have the automated reminder system - or a live SuiteMed Receptionist - call your patients to confirm appointments. Read more

Authorization / Referral Tracking

Billing for a patient encounter is dependant on obtaining proper Authorization and Referral information. IMS Authorization and Referral Tracking ensure that every patient encounter is pre-validated so no encounter goes unbilled. Read more

Auto Check-In

Allow patients to check themselves in when arriving at the office using a secure and private computer interface device. Read more

Check-In / Check-Out

Comprehensive management of patient flow results in improved patient care and office efficiency. The IMS Check-In / Check-Out module delivers patient status and related instruction communication between the physician and the front office staff during patient check-in and check-out. Read more

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) - Patient Visit Note

Record a patient's medical encounter as an electronic medical record - it's easy for physicians and won't compromise workflow. Physicians choose the method for record creation- from templates, dictation, transcription, or handwriting. Read more


Full integration with IMS modules allows automatic drug interaction, drug dosing, allergy, and diagnosis contraindication checks. Read more

Lab Orders & Tracking

The Lab Orders and Tracking module helps your office track the various labs that physicians order during a patient visit. Read more

Letter Writing

Physicians no longer need to dictate letters for the front office staff after examining a patient. Read more

Form Filler - No More Paper Forms!

One of the most redundant and inefficient processes in healthcare revolves around one unavoidable facet - forms, forms, forms. Read more

My Tasks

Tasks need to be completed long after a patient has left the office. Take control over these critical follow-up tasks, with My Task, a viewing tool that presents outstanding tasks that need to be completed - whether waiting for Lab Results, patient refill request authorizations, or unsigned Visit Notes. Read more

Health Maintenance Reminders

The most versatile, user-friendly health maintenance reminder system in the market today, the IMS Maintenance Reminders help clinicians enhance patient care by assuring timely completion of appropriate tests, immunizations, exams, screenings, and education. Read more

Notes, Alerts & Reminders

Dispensary & Inventory Controls

The Drug Dispensary and Inventory streamlines the process of dispensing drugs and other materials within a clinic. Do you face the challenge of managing in-house drug dispensing? Now you can safely and accurately dispense medications in your practice. SuiteMed Drug Dispensary is integrated with the SuiteMed and Prescription modules for seamless transfer of data. Read more

Reports Preparation & Management

Reports are a cornerstone of practice maintenance, management, overview, and financial status. With IMS Reports you have over 100 report options. Office administrators are empowered with easily generated summaries or detailed overviews of every aspect of the medical office operation. Read more

Fax Management

One of the most versatile, full-featured, and customizable appointment schedulers on the market. Staff can manage workflow with great efficiency and effectively orchestrate the resources of multiple offices - or just one. Read more

Scan Module

Billing & Collections

Increase billing accuracy, efficiency and productivity with this HIPAA Compliant and EDI functional billing module. Emulating a biller's normal daily workflow, the Billing module offers electronic billing capabilities, aging, outstanding and summary reports along with easy to read graphs. Read more

EMR Special Features

Read more

Document & Image Management

Easily condense and organize paper flow into a user-friendly, easily-accessible digital document file cabinet. One click takes you to one screen where users can view and retrieve all patient-related information. Read more

Bar-Coded Cards

Register patients with accuracy and speed using fully automated Bar-Coded ID Cards. Read more

Patient & Provider Web Portal

SuiteMed's Healthcare Portal is one of the most advanced evolutionary steps in healthcare. It allows patients to be more connected to their medical lives — putting more control, more responsibility and more proactive self-diagnosis in their hands. Read more