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Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS)

The Organization Imaging center located in the Central Florida city of Sebring since 2002.
The Challenge Reducing operating costs, increasing patient safety through improved workflow and reduced labor costs.
The Solution Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS) allows radiology practices to maximize revenue while reducing operating costs, significantly improve workflow and operate in compliance with the various HIPAA regulations.
The Results Improved productivity, easy integration and customization, easy reporting and expedited appointment scheduling, all fully integrated through one system.


Tina Nelson knew that Central Florida Imaging (CFI) needed to choose a software solution to streamline the center's workflow, but choosing from the many solutions available was not something she looked forward to. She knew that CFI would best be served by a system that would allow for a paperless office while still keeping valuable information in a central location to better serve staff, and more importantly, patients.

CFI needed a solution that was fully integrated and HIPAA complaint and allowed its staff to access patient information upfront without having to pull out an entire paper chart. Surprisingly, the center found the perfect solution on the other side of the country with Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS) from SuiteMed Software, Inc., located in Oakland, California.


Nelson and her staff liked the fact that IRMS could help CFI maximize revenue while, at the same time, reduce operating costs. CFI had no previous radiology system, so the experts at SuiteMed worked with Nelson and her staff to customize IRMS to the workflow and needs of the center. After a smooth implementation, she was ready to put the software to the test. Her favorite part of the software is being able to have patient information upfront with a simple click of a mouse.

"The benefit of having the patients' information in front of you in one place is invaluable," remarked Nelson. "IRMS allows me to know right when the patient arrives and stops me from having to wait for the patient to complete paperwork, which makes for a much quicker visit. Our patients love not having to wait for long periods of time in our office before getting their test(s) done."

IRMS dramatically speeds the registration and reception process for CFI. From the moment a patient's photo is captured on the Web cam, a registration process is facilitated. Patients can be quickly identified from an expected arrivals list, and their signatures are captured electronically upon arrival. They can be moved up or down on the waiting list, depending on their medical needs and can be sorted by resource or status. Demographic data and insurance information can be quickly verified and updated during the reception process.


The functionality of IRMS ensures the smooth operation of imaging centers such as CFI. A fully integrated, HIPAA-compliant solution, IRMS can help practices increase scan volumes, improve efficiency, streamline workflow, boost productivity, dramatically improve turnaround times, and increase profitability.

IRMS was designed specifically to meet the key critical workflow processes necessary for the successful operation of any imaging center or radiology department. Industry experts, with many years hands-on experience in managing imaging centers, examined critical radiology department workflow processes and designed an easy-to-use system that can be readily customized to meet the unique needs of any size radiology department or standalone practice.


In addition to the expedited patient registration through IRMS, the software improves productivity and provides increased patient safety. According to Nelson, "The software from SuiteMed helps tremendously. We can look at a patient's chart with the click of a button and check allergies, the date of their last visit, previous procedures they have had, whether or not they've ever had a reaction to the contrast used in some of the tests and even multiple notes about that specific patient."

Using the rapid electronic data entry function of IRMS, the technologists at CFI can mark the beginning and end of exams with a single click, order additional exams and enter their observations. The software monitors and tracks the patient's movement through the entire exam process, from arrival through exam completion. An almost unlimited customizable report feature also provides helpful analysis of a department's efficiency.

"Patients value having their information kept private, and IRMS allows for quick screen changes and lets patients sign their confirmation of reading the policies of HIPAA," explained Nelson. "This series of checks and balances not only makes patients feel safer about the risk of their personal information being seen by another patient and is also very user-friendly."

Along with having patient information at her fingertips with IRMS, Nelson also enjoys the efficiencies the software brings to the staff at CFI. The system has proved so efficient for the center that it prevented them from having to add an additional staff member. "With IRMS, with one touch of a button I can fax reports out to doctors and keep a detailed record of patient information. At the end of the month, I can do reports easily with detailed information for overall patient statistics which keeps me up on marketing trends and lets me know which doctors are using the facility."

Apart from the upfront patient information and increased efficiency, Nelson also enjoys the absence of paper that used to provide her with a bigger workload that had to be done manually. According to Nelson, the virtually paperless office creates a better work environment, and less paper means more space. Also, without paper charts, records and orders don't always have to be printed, saving costs associated with printing, a previously expensive alternative.

With SuiteMed's scheduled post-installation visits, Nelson is still learning about features available to CFI through IRMS which will increase the center's efficiency and continue to reduce its operating costs. SuiteMed has a track record of providing frequent and high quality enhancements to clients without additional license fees, and based on what the IRMS solution has provided for CFI so far, Nelson looks forward to the system becoming an even bigger part of her office.